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    my add


    I don’t know how I use the pages with this template. I mean, I have created the pages (I think) but I don’t know how I do get some content there. Here the code:

    <!-- Begin Main Nav -->
    <div class='nav-wrapper'>
    <div class='nav-menu'>
    <ul itemscope='' itemtype=''>
    <li class='active'><a href='/'>Vorderseite</a>
    <li><a href='#'>Themen</a>
    <!-- Sub Menu -->
    <li><a href='/women'>Frauen</a>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/wage' itemprop='url'>Lohnlücke</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/violence' itemprop='url'>Übergriffe</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/rape' itemprop='url'>Vergewaltigung</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/media' itemprop='url'>Medien</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/history' itemprop='url'>Geschichte</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/patriarchy' itemprop='url'>Patriarchat</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/women/society' itemprop='url'>Gesellschaft</a></li>
    <li><a href='/men'>Männer</a>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/work' itemprop='url'>Arbeitsdiskriminierung</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/dead' itemprop='url'>Sterberate</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/family' itemprop='url'>Familie</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/violence' itemprop='url'>Übergriffe</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/rape' itemprop='url'>Vergewaltigung</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/media' itemprop='url'>Medien</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/history' itemprop='url'>Geschichte</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/patriarchy' itemprop='url'>Patriarchat</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/society' itemprop='url'>Gesellschaft</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/single' itemprop='url'>Einzelbeitrag</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/top' itemprop='url'>Topartikel</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/archive' itemprop='url'>Archiv</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/wiki' itemprop='url'>Wiki</a></li>
    <li itemprop='name'><a href='/shop' itemprop='url'>Shop</a></li>
    </div><!-- /.nav-menu -->
    </div><!-- /.nav-wrapper -->
    <!-- End Main Nav -->

    And I get a 404 when I try to enter one of the pages I created:



    You need create page first.
    Second, Then get valid URL of the page.
    Finally add URL on the HTML coding.

    To create page:

    1, Go to blogger dashboard.
    2, In the left menu, click Pages.
    3, Click New Page.
    4, Add a page title and other information.
    5, Click Save, Preview, or Publish.

    Get Valid URL of the created page

    1, Go to blogger dashboard.
    2, In the left menu, click Pages.
    3, Now the created page(s) appear.
    4, Click view and now the page will open in your browser and the link was shown on your browser address bar.

    Adding URL on the HTML coding

    1, Copy the entire link of the created pages that was shown on your browser address bar,
    2, And paste it on HTML Editor with the provided guidance.


    and finally, your provided coding is little wrong…
    On your coding.. <li itemprop='name'><a href='/men/work' itemprop='url'>Arbeitsdiskriminierung</a></li> the /men/work is completely not acceptable value. This is must be

    For example correct code is.. <li itemprop='name'><a href='' itemprop='url'>Arbeitsdiskriminierung</a></li>



    I m using arlina design template but menu is not working.when I click on Menu nothing is shown my blog is help me

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