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    The designer must have a good dose of creativity. But not only ! Focus on essential qualities and skills.

    1. Have a good dose of creativity and drawing skills .

    2. Master graphics software . The packaging designer formats his sketches on a computer.

    3. Have good artistic and cultural knowledge . Know the history of design to understand the innovations brought by design and the social, economic and environmental impacts.

    Another discipline to know: sociology. Essential information on the company, its evolution, its environment, its concerns to meet the needs of users, to be able to innovate and propose new models.

    4. Be curious and “touch everything”.

    5. Analyze a problem and understand the user’s need . You have to be able to put yourself in his place.

    6. Knowing how to go from design to drawing, by transposing an idea into an object. The designer must be able to visualize a concept, then format it in 2D and 3D.

    7. Appreciate teamwork. Contrary to popular belief, the designer is not a loner! He works with other services (engineering, marketing, etc.).

    8. Take an international interest . The little extra: knowing another foreign language. An asset to carry out internships outside our country, and multiply your chances of integrating a company at the end of your course

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